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What are Serviced Offices?
A Serviced Office provides an instant office solution where by an individual or company can take a fully equipped office with the added benefit of experienced support staff. The flexible licence agreement allows immediate access to the space upon the receipt of cleared funds.

Who uses Serviced Offices?
Serviced Offices are used by a complete range of companies from a one person start up to a blue chip multi national that may require hundreds of workstations for a client project with an anticipated duration that would not enable a standard lease to be taken.

Between these two examples are a whole range of companies with many varied reasons for requiring serviced offices, such as bridging the gap between the lease expiry and the signing of the new lease agreement; when rapid company expansion is anticipated therefore a flexible licence is required or a company who wishes to locate a team close to a client site for particular project.
What are the benefits of using Serviced Offices?
Flexible licence structure: thus allowing a company to expand and contract as the needs of the business change and staff levels fluctuate. The minimum stated length of term is generally 1 month.
Ease of Occupation: The staff that run serviced offices are used to dealing with companies moving into their offices and can provide a solution that will minimise the disruption to a company allowing them to focus on running their business. Most centres will be able to have space ready for occupation within 24 hours. Serviced offices therefore provide an ideal solution for disaster recovery.
Standard Licence agreements: Standard licence agreements are in place therefore eliminating the need to enter into time consuming lease negotiations as well as instructing solicitors. 
Ease of entry: A new company or project may not have a proven track record and trading history which is acceptable to traditional landlords without the need for large deposits (with associated cash flow implications) and personal and directors guarantees. With services offices all that is required is a simple deposit which is refundable at the end of the licence agreement.* (*Subject to clause in the Licence)

Will my information be passed onto third parties?
No your information is strictly confidential and will not be passed onto anybody else.

How much do our offices cost?
Our serviced offices are very keenly priced and as such you would need to contact us so that we can give you a current price based upon your circumstances.

I am a start up company and I have heard that serviced offices are really expensive, can you cater for a low cost solution like mine?
We have a wide range of offices in terms of both size and price available and we will not be beaten on price. Typically a serviced office can be up to 30% cheaper over the period of a typical licence period of 12 months.

I need an office tomorrow! Can you source me an office that fast?
Yes DRE Business Centres have converted requirements within 24 hours of an initial call. Providing the space required is available on site, a client can move in immediately. We can guarantee that we will find out current and future availability figures and book a viewing within hours. Subject to the business centre receiving a signed licence agreement and cleared funds there is no reason why your company can not take  next day occupation.

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